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Posted Date: December 29, 2011 | 1 Total Reviews
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 Contact Information
 Escort Name  Kelly Johansson
 Escort Type  Independent
 Phone Number  407-463-4209
 Email Address  Click to send an Email
 Web Site  View Web Site
 Escort Bio
 Age  26 - 30 Years Old
 Ethnicity  White/Caucasian
 Height  Tall
 Body Type  Slender
 Hair  Short - Blonde
 Intimate Grooming  Clean Shaven
 Tattoos  None
 Piercings  Ears
 Breast Implants  Yes - Very Natural
 Were Photos of this Escort Accurate?  Yes
 Was the Description of this Escort Accurate?  Yes
 Session Information
 Session Date  12-28-2011
 Service Type  Escort Service
 Escorts Attitude  Fantastic
 Escort Timeliness  On Time
 Incall - Outcall  Outcall
 Consenting Activities  Full Service 
 Advertised Session Length  Multi-hour
 Actual Session Length  Multi-hour
 Advertised Fee  $600.00
 Actual Amount Paid  $600.00
 Tipping or Up-Selling  Tipping - Voluntary
 Smoking?  No
 Would you see this Escort again?  Yes
 Would you Recommend this Escort?  Yes
 Reviewers Comments
Saw her ad on VP as Verified by TommyLove the photographer and had to have since the watermarks validate that she is the girl in the pictures. Indeed she was when she arrived to my pleasure. Emailed her in advance and she assured me and promised it was her, or if she arrived it wasn't, i could turn her away and she would give me $100. Kelly arrived at my office loft and sure enough, it was exactly the girl in the pictures. She looked better than her pictures, especially when you get to see those stunning blue eyes and perfectly white teeth. My goodness, i thought i was dating a Sports Illustrated bikini model or Dallas Cowboy cheerleader. She is that good-looking guys. Read on for the details of my best encounter ever with the best looking gal ever...

Had the pleasure of buying myself a Christmas present and saw Kelly's ad in the classifieds one night after shopping for family Christmas presents. I wanted to treat myself to a Christmas present and emailed Kelly. At first i was skeptical if her pics were real, and after exchanging a few emails she assured me they were. I arranged to see her at my company office loft in the City, where i could get away for a few hours over the holidays. Kelly arrived and i was floored. She is the gal in the pics only i thought she looked much sexier in person. I couldn't believe my eyes how beautiful she was. She was a little nervous, and so was i, considering i've never dreamed i'd ever meet someone this drop dead gorgeous. She came in jeans and high heels, and oh my her body was just amazingly fit. She could easily be in Playboy. Her smile was beyond perfect (teeth so white) and she has sparkling blue eyes. Her twins were busting out of her top and i had a willy forming in my slacks.

On to the top floor of my office loft and i opened a bottle of wine i had in my cabinet. I knew things were right when she said to me she loves Merlot wines. After the donation was given to her as her "Christmas present", she said she had a present to give to me as well.."Me! she said." How cute that was. We showered and did some light kissing with me fondling her soft and nice sized boobs. Kelly has a model like frame, and her face is super pretty. She's quite tall at 5'7" or even taller i think, but her slim figure is what sets her apart. No body fat but still so soft to the touch. We sipped a little more and i asked her if i could lick some of the Merlot off her breasts. She said "Ok, no problem, enjoy yourself big boy". So sexy and so demure, i started by licking and kissing just about every part of her perfect physique and came down to a perfectly shaved V which i dined on for quite some time. She loved every part of it and writhed to my licks and kisses down there. On went the hat and i started stand up doggie from behind, then moved to mish on the sofa, and i couldn't hold out any longer and came hard while breathing heavily on her neck. Wow, the scent of her perfume was intoxicating.

I wanted to book another hour with her but couldn't because i had to get back home to the wife. We cleaned up and i had to sadly say my goodbye but told Kelly i would be seeing her again before she leaves. She's here i think visiting, as her ad states, but i remember her telling me she might make the move here for a job relocation and wanted to see the Bay Area. Ohh, she also told me it's a business administration job offer but she wanted to do this to quickly pay off student loans and that she enjoys sex. Wow. She told me she doesn't have a boyfriend and wants to devote the next year being free and unattached. Wow. Whoever gets this gal to be his is one lucky guy. If i weren't married, i would go for her in a heartbeat. She is better looking than Barbie (although a striking resemblance) in my opinion. Her personality is so sincere and sweet, almost professional as she was educated that way.

This is the office colleague you always wanted but couldn't cross the line with. This hobby amazes me in ways i never thought possible. Where do you get to bed a model/business type without all the taboos?

I will definitely repeat. Everything about her is to perfection and she is the girl in her ad pics (better looking) in person. She's a cross between a Swedish blonde and an All-American girl. Could easily be a Playboy playmate or Dallas Cowboy cheerleader.

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