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Review of Mariah702 by: TheBassist54
Posted Date: November 21, 2011 | 24 Total Reviews
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 Contact Information
 Escort Name  Mariah702
 Escort Type  Independent
 Phone Number  702-202-7559
 Email Address  Click to send an Email
 Web Site  View Web Site
 Escort Bio
 Age  26 - 30 Years Old
 Ethnicity  White/Caucasian
 Height  Tall
 Body Type  Voluptuous
 Hair  Waist - Brunette
 Intimate Grooming  Landing Strip
 Tattoos  A Couple
 Piercings  Ears,Genitals
 Breast Implants  Yes - Very Natural
 Were Photos of this Escort Accurate?  No
 Was the Description of this Escort Accurate?  Yes
 Session Information
 Session Date  11-19-2011
 Service Type  Escort Service
 Escorts Attitude  Very Good
 Escort Timeliness  A Little Late
 Incall - Outcall  Incall
 Consenting Activities  UTF, Russian, Hand Job 
 Advertised Session Length  30 minutes
 Actual Session Length  15 minutes
 Advertised Fee  $100.00
 Actual Amount Paid  $100.00
 Tipping or Up-Selling  No
 Smoking?  No
 Would you see this Escort again?  Maybe
 Would you Recommend this Escort?  Yes
 Reviewers Comments
There has been many reviews of Mariah 702 and I liked the pics so I decided to arrange an incall. This proved to be easy as Mariah answers the phone. The apartment complex is easy to find but the actual unit is difficult to see,especially at night (her directions could be more helpful). I was greeted by Mariah in a sexy low cut dress, showing off her huge tits. She does share the apartment with another girl. We quickly went into the bedroom. We agreed a donation (there wasn`t any upselling). I stripped off and Mariah lowered her dress to reveal those mellons. They are implants but very well done as they are soft and natural looking. She rubbed her tits on my cock and as I got hard she applied some Russian. Then went onto a HJ followed by a BBBJ. This was skillful and I had to hold back. I pulled her up to suck on those mellons and had a good play with them as she was still giving me a HJ. She went back down for some more BBBJ and I managed to lean forward and pull up her dress and feel her ass. She then played with the boys and with some more sucking I exploded with BBBJCIM. So the good is: Mariah does answer your calls, no messing around, no upselling and negotiates, easy parking, good BBBJ skills, massive nice tits and a good service. I think she is of Latino origin. The flip side is : Her pics are misleading and she is much heavier than she appears. She is not, as one reviewer describes, as a little overweight, she is heavy with a belly and the ass is not shapely. Although she performs BBBJCIM, after the initial jolt of cum she takes her mouth away and finishes you off with a HJ. Worth a visit unless you want a slimmish lady.

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