Review of Gina Taye by: maxx20
Posted Date: June 23, 2011 | 1 Total Reviews
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 Contact Information
 Escort Name  Gina Taye
 Escort Type  Independent
 Phone Number  323-652-9642
 Email Address  None
 Web Site  
 Escort Bio
 Age  21 - 25 Years Old
 Ethnicity  Black/African
 Height  Average
 Body Type  Very Slim
 Hair  Short - Auburn
 Intimate Grooming  Clean Shaven
 Tattoos  None
 Piercings  None
 Breast Implants  Not that I could tell
 Were Photos of this Escort Accurate?  Yes
 Was the Description of this Escort Accurate?  Yes
 Session Information
 Session Date  06-20-2011
 Service Type  Escort Service
 Escorts Attitude  Fantastic
 Escort Timeliness  On Time
 Incall - Outcall  Outcall
 Consenting Activities  Full Service 
 Advertised Session Length  30 minutes
 Actual Session Length  30 minutes
 Advertised Fee  $200.00
 Actual Amount Paid  $220.00
 Tipping or Up-Selling  Tipping - Voluntary
 Smoking?  Yes - Not during Session
 Would you see this Escort again?  Yes
 Would you Recommend this Escort?  Yes
 Reviewers Comments
After getting ripped off by Amber, Went downstairs at the casino where I was staying and ran into this prize..Wow what a nice lookin black girl. Went upstairs and got full service.. I felt better about this after getting ripped of only hour early...

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