Review of Jess by: TheBassist54
Posted Date: May 25, 2011 | 8 Total Reviews
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 Contact Information
 Escort Name  Jess
 Escort Type  Independent
 Phone Number  702-462-1010
 Email Address  Click to send an Email
 Web Site  View Web Site
 Escort Bio
 Age  21 - 25 Years Old
 Ethnicity  White/Caucasian
 Height  Average
 Body Type  Slender
 Hair  Shoulder Length - Dark Brown
 Intimate Grooming  Clean Shaven
 Tattoos  One
 Piercings  Ears
 Breast Implants  No Show
 Were Photos of this Escort Accurate?  No Show
 Was the Description of this Escort Accurate?  No Show
 Session Information
 Session Date  05-23-2011
 Service Type  Escort Service
 Escorts Attitude  Okay
 Escort Timeliness  Extremly Late
 Incall - Outcall  Incall
 Consenting Activities  No Show 
 Advertised Session Length  30 minutes
 Actual Session Length  No Show
 Advertised Fee  $80.00
 Actual Amount Paid  $0.00
 Tipping or Up-Selling  Upselling
 Smoking?  No Show
 Would you see this Escort again?  No
 Would you Recommend this Escort?  No
 Reviewers Comments
I had read one review and saw one add. on mojovillage. As the pics and review were good I decided to arrange an incall. This ALL had to be done via texts. The initial response was within a reasonable time and we arranged an early evening incall at a specific time. As the time approached I was asked to delay the incall by two hours. As this time got near another delay occured and now we were close to midnight. I drove to the designated area (215/Windmill) and texted again. I was given the actual address and got to outside the house, only to be informed that I should wait another 20mins . By this time I got tired of all the run around,plus the neighborhood is not very desirable and the house looked a bit run down. I also found that this place is shared with another girl. So I decided to leave. The curious thing is that she never even attempted to find out where I was even though she was informed I was outside. Don`t forget guys all this is done via texts and I never got to speak to her. All very strange. She does try to upsell via texting. I would advise in staying away.

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