Review of Kandy by: Stressed_Student
Posted Date: March 11, 2011 | 1 Total Reviews
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 Contact Information
 Escort Name  Kandy
 Escort Type  Independent
 Phone Number  702-628-4372
 Email Address  None
 Web Site  View Web Site
 Escort Bio
 Age  21 - 25 Years Old
 Ethnicity  Black/African
 Height  Average
 Body Type  Athletic
 Hair  Short - Black
 Intimate Grooming  Clean Shaven
 Tattoos  None
 Piercings  Ears
 Breast Implants  No
 Were Photos of this Escort Accurate?  Yes
 Was the Description of this Escort Accurate?  Yes
 Session Information
 Session Date  03-11-2011
 Service Type  Escort Service
 Escorts Attitude  Fantastic
 Escort Timeliness  Early
 Incall - Outcall  Incall
 Consenting Activities  Full Service 
 Advertised Session Length  60 minutes
 Actual Session Length  60 minutes
 Advertised Fee  $200.00
 Actual Amount Paid  $250.00
 Tipping or Up-Selling  Tipping - Voluntary
 Smoking?  No
 Would you see this Escort again?  Yes
 Would you Recommend this Escort?  Yes
 Reviewers Comments
I saw Kandy's ad on cl and I figured what the hell. It's been a while since I've have some chocolate. She was so sweet on the phone. She was easy to talk to and didn't shy away from flirty talk like most girls. We did the 2 call system thing and i got into her room on trop and valley view. When she opened the door my jaw dropped. I knew she had curves but this girl is a black barbie doll that I wasn't ashamed to play with. She was wearing a robe but let it hang open as I crossed into the room. I set the donation on the table and she came over and gave me a big hug. She smelled amazing. I was still having trouble talking because this girl was giving off some serious hormones. I mean, she just gave off a vibe that I haven't felt since high school. She dropped the robe and told me get take my clothes off. I nearly ripped the buttons off my shirt taking it off. She sat me on the bed and began running her fingers over my body in a flirty manner. I realize at this point, that she has been chatting with me the whole time and I haven't heard a thing. I've been nodding like an idiot just enjoying the her visually. I compose myself as much as I can and realize that she hasn't touched me very much and I'm already rock hard. She noticed it too and thanked me for the compliment. She was very funny now that I think about it. Anyway, the next 45 minutes were a whirlwind. We started with me suckling those amazing tits like a newborn while she gave me the most masterful handjob I've ever had. She leaned in and asked me in a sexy marilyn monroe-type voice if she could "Please suck my cock." I nearly lost my load right there. I nodded vigorously. She made her way down to happy town very slowly. She took her time and teased me. I think she realized that I was super turned on and wanted to let me savor the whole experience. When she finally got downtown, she didn't just do that robot neck move most girls do, she actually took time to tease the head with her tongue and do a few "porno moves" with her lips that I had to take mental images of for later. After a little teasing, she took me all the way down her throat and slowly came up. I could tell this wasn't going to last too much longer. She saw that I was trying to hold back and said that it was ok to bust. She would try to get me off again. She said not to worry about it, the hour was mine. With those words and some of the most sensual lipservice I've ever recieved, i ended the cease-fire. She got most of my cum on her tits and rubbed it around. She started right in with the dirty talk. She told me how she loved my cock, how it tasted so good. She kept saying that it's rare for a guy to cum that much and she loved my hot load all over her tits. After she washed up, she came back with a bottle of water for me. She laid down in the bed and put my head in her lap. She then proceeded to feed me my water. This is the type of experience you'd expect to cost way more than 200. She massaged my chest in this position and told me that she was hoping I could get hard again because blowing me got her wet and she wanted to feel my cock. That did it. I was on my way to wood town again. She got on top of me and started teasing me with her tits while keeping up the talk. I wasn't all the way hard yet but almost there. She then straddled my left leg and started grinding on it. I could feel that she had been telling the truth earlier, she was dripping wet. She grabbed my cock and started stroking it with the most determined smile on her face. I was almost instantly hard. She had a cover ready and was being bubbly and laughing while putting it on. She kept saying "This cock is all mine. I can't wait to ride this thing." If you can't tell by now, I'm into a girl being vocal. Anyway, she got on top and slid all the way down my cock. She then started this circular move that I can only describe as "The best fucking move ever." She asked me if I could finish in doggie because she wanted me to cum on her ass. I told her that if she wanted that, she would have to switch position soon. We moved to doggie and I got the best view of the day. Her ass is big with very little cellulite. You know, black girls. Anyway, after about a minute of pumping, I pulled out and took the cover off. I came but not much came out. We just laid there in a spoon position for a while. my cock resting between her ass cheeks. She got my hand and put it on her tit and I massaged it a bit but admitted that I had nothing left. She thanked me for my time and turned around to face me on the bed. She told me that I could hang out for a while and take a shower or whatever. I thanked her and got up. With my head still spinning, I got dressed while she just stayed lying there naked and smiling. We both giggled while I was having trouble getting my pants on. I took out my wallet and gave her a tip because...damn. She gave me a big naked hug and I left. I will be back soon and often.

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